Fidelity Communications Nearing Completion on Fiber Project in Hallsville, TX

Fidelity Communications will launch new fiber-based services in Hallsville in early December, the company announced.

In certain areas, Fidelity will offer a full suite of high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone services for residential customers and a wide range of business services. Pricing is still being determined.

We're building it better than most Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems by actually running fiber all the way into the house.

Eric Nichols, Outside Plant Engineer

Hallsville Alderman and Mayor Pro Tem Dan Herrington said the city is pleased to see Fidelity expanding its services in Hallsville. “As a resident of the area, I’m excited to see Fidelity coming in, laying the lines and the increased Internet speeds and greater connectivity it’s going to bring,” he said.

The availability of fiber will also help spur economic development in the city, he added. “Having better connectivity just encourages businesses to locate or stay here and not go to Marshall,” Herrington said.

The new fiber plant will allow speeds of 1 or more Gigabits (1,000 megabits) per second. Initially, service will be available to about 150 homes with another 47 still under development. Homes served are located in the Tealwood and Mossy Creek subdivisions, with service built to future homes in the Central Trace and Varsity Place subdivisions. All are new developments in Hallsville, started in the last 10 years.

“We’re building it better than most Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems by actually running fiber all the way into the house,” said Eric Nichols, Outside Plant Engineer. “Some other companies just use fiber to the property line and then run coaxial cable to the house.”

By running a fiber connection directly into the home, FTTH provides virtually unlimited bandwidth to consumers, enabling better quality video, Internet and voice services It replaces traditional copper and coax infrastructure while having enough bandwidth to handle the ever increasing consumer demands for reliability and affordability.

“This project allows us to expand FTTH in Hallsville anytime new growth occurs in the area,” Nichols said. FTTH will eventually replace the Hallsville coaxial fiber plant.

Source: Fidelity Communications


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