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Fidelity Communications’ newest television service. FidelityTV became available to customers on Thursday, October 25. The new service proves once again that this family-owned, Midwest-based telecommunications provider is committed to delivering cutting-edge, innovative products that make entertainment more accessible and more enjoyable for their customers.

TV viewing trends are transforming the way people watch shows and movies. Viewers do not want to switch back and forth between inputs or remotes. They want one easy solution to watching live TV, binge programs and series, view movies and enjoy TV entertainment in one place. They also want to be able to add new TVs to their home without needing to call to have a new cable box installed. They're watching more content than ever, but they want it to be simple. FidelityTV is the way to integrate their service into the devices they use every day.

FidelityTV is a fast, hyper-functional app-based TV service that offers instant access to live, local & popular HD channels. The service installs simply by downloading the app onto a new or existing smart streaming device of the customer’s choosing. Whether viewing with an Amazon FireTV Stick, mobile phone or laptop, FidelityTV allows for up to six screens of simultaneous independent viewing.

FidelityTV also offers the ability to rewind shows up to three days in the past, adding this to three times more Video OnDemand options than traditional TV service. FidelityTV truly allows customers to watch what they want when they want.

“TV trends are changing, and we are committed to giving our customers the best service available. That means making TV simple; making it available on all screens and platforms, and allowing your live TV to go where you go,” said Fidelity Communication’s Video Product Manager, Loren King.

Alongside their commitment to no monthly contracts, Fidelity does not require a deposit for this new app-based service, allowing their customers to enjoy the freedom of no box fees and no contracts. FidelityTV does require a Fidelity internet connection, but the service does qualify for Fidelity’s existing bundle discount.

New FidelityTV service customers can enjoy live TV on up to 3 screens and 10 hours of Cloud DVR storage. Fidelity also gives customers the ability to customize their experience with the opportunity to purchase additional video options as needed, a la carte or upgrade to the FidelityTV Plus+ package. The upgrade includes all features and functionality at a flat rate, with live TV on up to 6 screens, and 200 hours of DVR storage.

To learn more about FidelityTV products and offerings, or to sign up for the service, visit

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