Fidelity Communications Introduces New Customer Referral Rewards Plan

​Fidelity Communications, a telecommunications service provider, based in Sullivan, Missouri, is launching a new referral program that gives customers the opportunity to earn money by referring family and friends. 

Existing Fidelity customers can earn a $25 Visa® Prepaid Gift Card for each new customer they refer. New referral customers will also receive a $25 Visa® Prepaid Gift Card. To get started, Fidelity customers will need to register at to join the program.

This program provides a quick path to significant earnings for Fidelity customers, allowing them to earn up to $575 per year in cash rewards, which more than covers a year of internet service at Fidelity's starting price of $39.99 per month. $575 might sound like it requires a significant amount of work, but each customer only needs to persuade 23 people who need high-speed internet to choose Fidelity in order to hit that mark.

“We wanted to show support for our loyal customers the same way they support us,” said John Colbert, president of Fidelity Communications. “This referral program is our way of saying thank you for the positive word of mouth and community goodwill that our customers have already helped us build.” 

Combined with such a generous reward offer, Fidelity's powerful, reliable networks and well-deserved reputation for superior customer service should quickly bring more satisfied customers into the fold from across their service areas. 

Fidelity customers who wish to participate in the referral program can register and find more information about it at Consumers interested in learning about Fidelity's internet, cable and phone services can view offers at

Source: Fidelity Communications Co.