Fidelity Communications Donates $17,000 in Network Upgrades to Lawton Fort Sill Veterans Center

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Fidelity Communications, a fast-growing, family-owned telecommunications service provider operating across the Midwest, has completed work on $17,000 in network upgrades donated to the Lawton, OK, Fort Sill Veterans Center. In addition to donating these improvements, Fidelity also took over ongoing responsibility for maintenance and technical support.

Fidelity has a long history of making a difference in the communities they serve. "We are especially dedicated to supporting those who have served our country and communities with unwavering commitment," said Wayne Disney, Technical Operations Supervisor for Fidelity's Lawton office. Disney is one of many Fidelity employees who are veterans, and Fidelity's entire team jumped at this chance to make a difference for their fellow veterans.

The Lawton Ft. Sill Veterans Center's communications infrastructure had long been inadequate. The facility needed a complete system overhaul to provide high-quality cable, internet, and phone services to individual rooms. To express their gratitude to these brave men and women for their fearless service on behalf of our country, Fidelity's leadership team met with representatives from the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs in May, to figure out how Fidelity could help provide better services for Lawton's veterans. An engineering plan to build out network upgrades was quickly drawn up and agreed upon. Both parties recognized the importance of this endeavor, and the quality-of-life improvements it would provide; both stayed committed to this project through to the end.

The scope of the upgrades included re-engineering and replacing the main distribution cables, amplification, and service ports in each wing of the facility, as well as replacing any cabling that was needed to connect individual residences. Going forward, Fidelity Communications has taken responsibility for maintaining communication services within the facility to ensure that the residents continue to have access to high-quality cable, internet and phone services.

"This was an easy decision on Fidelity's part. The men and women who have laid their lives on the line for us deserve the best we can provide," Disney said. "We are passionate about our customer service, and we take immense pride in the communities we serve. I'm proud to be part of such a great company that would make this commitment. We all look forward to a long and successful relationship with our veterans and their families."

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