Fidelity Communications Completes Fiber Ring for Bryant, AR School District

A new fiber ring providing Wide Area Network (WAN) services to the Bryant School District’s seven campuses is now fully operational, Fidelity Communications has announced.

Bryant School District’s WAN is designed in a ring topology with dual entrances into each of the District’s locations, ensuring that no location has a single point of failure. 

If a fiber is damaged, we are still able to maintain service to our schools.

Jeremy Cunningham, Bryant Technology Director

“Redundancy is a big factor,” said Bryant Technology Director Jeremy Cunningham. “Fidelity Communications was the only vendor offering a ring topology. If a fiber is damaged, we are still able to maintain service to our schools."

Because the WAN uses fiber strands dedicated to the District, the network is secure and all available bandwidth is dedicated to the school district’s use. The District’s backbone is currently provisioned at 10 Gbps, but the District has the ability to increase that bandwidth at any time through simple equipment upgrades. 

“We are pleased to have Bryant School District as an enterprise customer in the Arkansas market,” said Holly Bryant, Director of Sales.  “Bryant’s commitment to technology and its students is aligned with our core mission, which is to be a ‘technology-enabler’ for our customers.” 

Fidelity Communications Co., headquartered in Sullivan, Missouri, is able to focus on large enterprise customers, including school districts, hospitals, governmental entities and telecommunications carriers, all of whom require scalable, secure, robust, high-bandwidth solutions to meet their mission-critical business needs.

Bryant School District’s private WAN serves as the backbone for all internal communications, including voice, data, Internet and video, and will support the District’s future technology and bandwidth requirements. 

“Another advantage is the ability to monitor the bandwidth, throughput and any errors,” Cunningham said. “We are finding the Network to be very stable. Upgrading to 10 Gig has increased our bandwidth tremendously.” Fidelity's NOC provides 24x7x365 monitoring for the WAN and will notify the District via email at the first sign of an issue.

Bryant School District’s WAN was engineered by Fidelity Communications with external support for construction from ADB Companies, Inc. ADB Companies, Inc., designs and constructs large fiber projects throughout the United States.  The diverse fiber network was completed in early July and involves 35,000 feet—more than six miles—of new fiber.

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