Fertility Advisors Grateful That Health Canada Wants Stakeholders to Be Involved in Process

Health Canada has released draft regulations for the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, and they are asking for those involved to give feedback.

​​Health Canada published consultations on proposed assisted human reproduction regulations on October 27, 2018, and has asked for feedback from stakeholders and interested parties. Fertility Advisors is grateful that they finally seem to be taking into account what Canadians utilizing the services of assisted human reproduction need. They state on their website: 

"This consultation is open to all Canadians, and everyone is invited to share their ideas.​"

It is crazy to me that lost wages for donors, groceries for surrogates and post birth lost wages would not be included in draft regulations, considering so many people have voiced that those should be inclusions. I know that through working with Health Canada, we as an industry will be able to create the safest, and best assisted human reproduction act. I just have faith in our country to do the right thing, we have always been leaders in this industry and I don't see that stopping here.

Leia Swanberg, Fertility Advisors CEO and Fertility Advocate

Furthermore, Health Canada are planning to provide Canadians that may be less familiar with the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and the proposed regulations with an opportunity to engage with Health Canada officials directly, to obtain clarity, ask questions, raise considerations and provide overall feedback on the proposed regulations. 

Its so incredibly important for those involved in assisted reproduction in Canada to make sure their voices are heard, these draft regulations are not enough for Surrogates, Gamete Donors and Intended Parents. They aren't good enough for Canadians at all, and don't fall in line with our countries values. The draft regulations do not include any coverage for surrogates groceries, even though Health Canada encourages a specific diet during pregnancy. They also do not account for lost wages for Egg Donors, who will need to miss at minimum 2 hours of work per day for two weeks during the monitoring and medical process. The regulations as drafted will not only deeply affect those seeking assisted reproduction, but it also disrespects the women and men involved in the process as Surrogates and Donors. We urge you to use your voice to better assisted human reproduction in Canada! 

Source: Fertility Advisors

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