Featuring Five Iconic Kitaro Compositions, Domo Music Group Releases a New EP by Dino Malito

Domo Music Group has Released a Five Song EP by Recording Artist Dino Malito Featuring Tracks which are Acoustic Versions of Early, Iconic Compositions by New Age Grammy and Golden-Globe award winner, Kitaro.

Featuring Five Iconic Kitaro Compositions, Domo Music Group Releases a New EP by Dino Malito

With an eye toward exploration and re-imagination of some of its core catalog, Domo Music Group has released a five song EP by recording artist Dino Malito. The tracks are acoustic versions of early, iconic compositions by New Age Grammy and Golden-Globe award winner, Kitaro.

Rather than utilizing Kitaro's trademark style -- an array of synthesizers -- this EP takes the original music masters on a transformational journey through the use of acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer and shamisen textured with David Gilmour-esque guitar leads. Kitaro fans will be comforted to hear some of their most cherished melodies and themes while allowing Malito to bring them on a unique and tasteful voyage that breathes new life into these beloved classics.

01. Great Voyage
02. Tienshan
03. Aurora
04. Silk Road
05. Utopia

When recording an album for Captain Black Heart ('Budgie'), a colleague suggested we should consider rearranging some of Kitaro's tracks with a ukulele. With layers of guitars, the music started to have a life of its own. After finishing the rough mixes and playing the tracks for a few people, it was clear this would be worthy of a Domo Music Group release. One of the first tracks completed was 'Great Voyage,' the first song on the EP. I was pleased to find Kitaro felt it was a very beautiful version of the composition. That positive feedback inspired me to complete the project.

Dino Malito

Recording Artist

All songs arranged, performed and produced by Dino Malito.
Recorded by Dino Malito at Orlando II, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed + Mastered by Tim Gennert
Dino Malito : Electric + Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Shamisen
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Marketing + Promotions : Atsuko Mizuta, Tomoko Kakimoto
Public Relations : Craig Melone / Hands On P.R.
Album Art + Design : Kio Griffith / 9rpm.com
Cover Painting + Photography : “Oil Spill #8” 2017 by Kio Griffith
Music composed by Kitaro


Facebook | www.facebook.com/DinoMalitoMusic
Instagram | www.instagram.com/dinomalito

Instagram | www.instagram/officialkitaro
Twitter | www.facebook.com/DinoMalitoMusic
YouTube | www.youtube.com/channel/UCrAjjITQb4rD1HLvB69D00g



Source: Domo Music Group

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