Fathom: A New Podcast Streaming Platform Uses Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Search Capabilities and Unique Highlight Generation

Fathom is the podcast player from the future.

Launching this fall, Fathom is a first-of-its-kind podcast streaming platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize and improve the podcast search and discovery experience. Fathom's AI curates a feed of podcast episodes, autoplaying clips of the most engaging part of each episode as the user scrolls through their "For You" recommendations. Fathom redefines podcast search with the ability to ask the search engine questions and receive answers in the form of podcast audio. With its far-reaching AI capabilities, Fathom transforms the podcast listening experience.

Podcast browsing has been limited to scrolling through endless pages of thumbnail icons and lists. Fathom introduces a feed of AI-recommended episodes with AI-generated highlights tuned to a listener's interest. This helps people explore a variety of content that resonates with them. It's podcast browsing with your ears.

Fathom is powered by an ensemble of deep neural networks that create "thought trajectories" while listening to podcast episodes. One function these neural networks enable is the power to search by asking questions in plain English—such as "How can I improve my focus?" or even "What is the meaning of life?". Listeners receive segments of episodes where their question is answered, often profoundly. It's like an AI oracle powered by podcasts.

"Amplified by our next-generation search functionality, Fathom is an entirely new way to experience podcasts," said Paul Bloch, Co-Founder of Fathom. "Fathom goes beyond recommendations based on titles and descriptions—our AI actually listens to the podcasts, understanding the content and finding portions that are interesting and relevant for our listeners. This is just the beginning."

Fathom's BETA web app is now live and the iOS mobile app will launch in November of 2021 on the Apple App store with a catalog of 5,000 podcasts across a variety of categories. Podcast lovers that create an account through Fathom's website now will be eligible to check out the BETA version of the iPhone App in TestFlight.

For more information and to experience Fathom for yourself, please visit fathom.fm

Podcasters that want their episodes made available and AI-searchable can contact Fathom directly at hello@fathom.fm.

About Fathom - The new way to search and discover podcasts.

Fathom is a new podcast player that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to search episodes and recommend content based on what people listen to, like, and follow. Fathom's AI gives listeners podcast highlights tuned to their interests and the ability to search deep within episodes for answers to questions. Fathom brings podcasts to life. Search, preview, and explore podcast recommendations just for you on Fathom.

Fathom is set to launch Fall of 2021. For more information or to join, please visit fathom.fm

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About Fathom

Founded in 2021, Fathom is creating AI technology to facilitate a whole new way to experience podcasts.

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