Fastest Growing Kids' Food Brand in the US, Raised Real Delivers More Than 250,000 Meals in Less Than One Year

Raised Real Plant Based Meals for Kids

Raised Real, a company that delivers plant-based food for kids, shipped more than 250,000 meals nationally since their launch in January 2018.  As the fastest growing subscription based kid’s food company delivering nationally, Raised Real’s flexible food system is winning with busy parents that are searching for healthy food options for their children that grow with them.

“Until Raised Real, parents had the choice of sugar-laden puree for babies and chicken nuggets for kids. We give parents perfectly balanced, plant-based meals that both taste good and work for kids at all ages,” says Santiago Merea, CEO of Raised Real. “Since our launch in January, we’ve been growing 50% month over month. This is a product parents need.”

With celebrities like Mindy Kaling taking to social media to talk about how they are making their baby food at home, Raised Read is poised as the ideal option for parents that want to ensure their children are eating healthy while having limited time to do so. As the only subscription food brand for children that is available nationwide, the company continues to grow at a rapid rate, tapping into the growing needs of busy parents.

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About Raised Real

Raised Real’s plant-based meals for kids are delivered in pre-portioned, ready to steam packages, with every recipe developed and tested within a rigorous nutritional framework. Each Raised Real meal is made with superfood ingredients sourced from organic and sustainable farms, delivered directly to your door. Raised Real’s philosophy of flexible foods that grow with your child provides nutritious, healthy baby food at less than $5 per meal, without the mess and long prep times. Raised Real is available nationwide.


Benish Shah

VP Marketing, Raised Real


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Raised Real is a first-in-class, innovative baby food delivery solution for busy parents looking for nutritionally-balanced meals designed for your growing baby.