Fastbase's Tremendous Success Has Led Them to Get Publicly Listed in Q1, 2018

Financial giant Goldman Sachs insists that in a time of falling stock prices, tech stocks are worth the investment, telling its clients to buy technology and financial stocks, predicting both sectors will outperform the market for the remainder of 2017

Goldman’s Financial Strategist, David Kostin, estimated the technology sector will increase its sales by 9 percent this year and 7 percent in 2018, “far exceeding the rest of the market’s” low single-digit growth rate.[1] He asserted that Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet “will lead the way” with sales growth of more than 20 percent.[2]

Investing: Fastbase, Inc. Stock Has Big Chance to Skyrocket

“For investors looking for new tech stocks with growth potential, we suggest looking no further than the SaaS analytics leader, Fastbase, Inc. Launched in 2016, Fastbase, Inc. represents one of the top private companies that we believe will have the biggest upside in 2018 from their current price,” says Caitlin Vogel, financial editor of Fastbase. The web analytics leader has already achieved massive success by providing more than 600,000 companies, including Fortune 500 businesses and global brands, with invaluable website visitor data, attracting attention from large investment firms.

Current Price: $0.92

Target Price: $6.99 (Dec, 2018)

Upside to target: 735.5 percent

What the CEO thinks: “With the world’s largest, and growing, database of companies and their online behavior, Fastbase, Inc. is able to provide over 30 million companies with powerful customer data that will optimize marketing spend and help generate new leads. With our already successful portfolio of digital products, built upon Google Analytics’ software, and with more exciting launches for Google AdWords customers in the pipeline, I’m sure we will reach our financial and strategic goals in 2018.” – CEO and Founder, Rasmus Refer

About Fastbase, Inc.

Built upon Google Analytics software, Fastbase, Inc.’s software takes website visitor information to the next level by generating comprehensive lead reports that include extensive company profiles, visitor interaction, key employees with LinkedIn profile and email addresses. The powerful insights provided by Fastbase, Inc. have drastically transformed B2B sales and marketing strategies enabling B2B businesses to contact their online leads in real-time. “The digital marketing and advertising arena is expanding at an exponential rate. Fastbase has arrived in the market at the right time to support data-driven industries target and cater to their consumers,” affirms Rasmus Refer, Founder and CEO of Fastbase, Inc. “Just as quick as Fastbase is growing, we are also investing heavily in R&D to advance our features and remain a competitive contender for SaaS Analytics in the digital marketplace.”

Fastbase, Inc. has entered the digital marketplace with a very strong message: It’s important to know your website’s audience. Fastbase, Inc. continues to bring value to its software through continued research and development. The company’s tremendous success has led them to get publicly listed in Q1, 2018 as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world.



Source: Fastbase Inc.