Fashion Hunters Network - Spring 2015

Cuteyloops Releases Total Control BootyBooster in advance of Spring Fashion Week

Does Cuteyloops new Total Control BootyBooster live up to the hype? Cuteyloops set a high standard with their thermal weight loss reshapers and we wanted to see if this new garment was up to snuff so we sent our field intern Tasha to Cuteyloops' flagship location at River Oaks Mall outside Chicago to check out the release of the Total Control BootyBooster. Fashionistas were lined up like it was the shoe release of the new Nike Jordan's down there! Granted, it was a Saturday and Cuteyloops has a large line of popular products, but there were more people shopping in Cuteyloops than in Victoria's Secret down the hallway, even with Spring Fashion Week coming up.

Tasha bought a Total Control BootyBooster and compared it to other similar products. One major advantage was that the Cuteyloops buttlifter results in a smooth look and a smooth feel by allowing the bottom to breathe. Other buttlifters sometimes lift but also flatten the butt, or result in a blocky look. The Total Control BootyBooster is made from the same ergonomic, breathable, lightweight and strong materials as other Cuteyloops' garments and we saw the results firsthand - it's truly the best bottom shaper on the market.