Cuteyloops Announces New EZ Snap Corset™

State-of-the-art corset with only three hooks just released by Chicago garment designer and retailer Cuteyloops.

RRN - Retail Revolution News

As Easy as 1-2-3. Three quick snaps and you've got an hourglass figure that looks up to three sizes smaller. The Cuteyloops patented EZ Snap Corset™ is meticulously crafted from an ultra-strong lightweight material with the same Nanave™ weaving technique used in Cuteyloops line of Ultra-Fat Burning Thermal garments. "It's thinner and stronger than any other corset on the market. We have a product that changes women's lives. We're proud to stand behind our work. This is the A-class corset," said the designer, Yeti Akinyemi.

The EZ Snap Corset™ 3-hook corset features an ergonomic design that provides comfort and support unmatched by corsets made from traditional materials. Another benefit of the state-of-the-art materials used in the EZ Snap Corset™ is a 100% anti-allergic corset that can be worn all day without discomfort. "Making all of our garments hypoallergenic has always been a hallmark of Cuteyloops. What good is a shaping garment if you can't wear it comfortably? That's why we've always focused on comfort as well as durability when designing our garments," the designer stated.

With its sleek look and superior waist and abdomen control, the EZ Snap Corset™ promises to be one of Spring Fashion Week's hottest new products this year.