Famous Viners Have Moved to a New Platform: OEVO, the New App for Short Videos

Watch Videos from Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, Marlon Webb, Carly Incontro, Brandon Calvillo, J.Cyrus, Nicholas Megalis, Ry Doon & more.

OEVO (pronounced O-E-VO) has launched a short 7-second video competition app, a new platform targeting the growing demand for creators, viewers, and users to creatively express themselves while being monetarily rewarded. OEVO is focused on providing a platform that entertains users through creators who love to share their content while recognizing them for their creativity and originality.

The OEVO app guides users to discover engaging, short, entertaining videos and helps users find inspiration from other creators on the platform; creating a cycle where users quickly become creators. For users to find inspiration from the best, notable names like Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, Nicholas Megalis, J. Cyrus, Carly Incontro, Brandon Calvillo, Marlon Webb, and many other famous Viners have joined the OEVO platform. Thus, creating original content to revive their once core audience, while bringing in a new creative wave of ideas to inspire users and young creators to grow and flourish on the new short video platform.

Creating yet another social media app was not the purpose. The team at OEVO sought to transform the creative space by providing users with a platform that fights to put creators first, by helping them monetarily and allowing them to be special, creative, funny, and talented in their own right.

OEVO was launched in response to demand for users wanting to find exciting and engaging short videos that kept them entertained. Currently, longer videos from other platforms have become mundane and users have lost interest. No platform encourages new creators with the monetary incentives as OEVO.

While YouTube and other video social networks, are demonetizing and making it harder for young creators to grow in the creative space, the founder of OEVO, Mohammad Mukati believes that the platform will become the first social network where young creators are rewarded for their content, inspired by famous and experienced Influencers that came before them, and are given a platform to grow organically.

Transforming the video social networking scene by introducing a new model for nourishing young creators is OEVO’s goal. By becoming the world's first competition based video social networking app, OEVO took its first step to achieving its goal. Through its daily monetary competitions and regularly scheduled grand prizes, the video platform has taken the race to another level. OEVO is not only providing creators with a stage to become famous but also is adamant on creating a nontoxic family-like community that continues to guide creators to become the best at their craft while rewarding them throughout the process.

While OEVO is based in California, the video platform has a global audience. Currently, the OEVO app is available on all iOS and Android devices. In the United States and the United Kingdom OEVO consistently ranks on the top of the Apple App Store, in the same category as Facebook, Tumblr, and Linkedin. An easy way to download it is through its website: oevo.com/download.

Media Contact: 
Abdul Mukati
Phone: 571 201 1081
Email: team@oevo.com

Source: OEVO

About OEVO

OEVO - a 7 second competition based video social networking app with daily competitions that will give creators the chance to win a $100 everyday.


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