Famous Are We for One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India!

One Person Companies (OPCs) introduced by the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, have now become rather popular for conducting business/profession in various economic fields. Here, described briefly are our flawless and swift legal services for OPC registration in entire India, which helped numerous so far!

Wisely introduced by the new Indian Companies Act of 2013 to the corporate world of the country, the One Person Company (OPC) possesses certain lavish and great advantages and facilities over the existing other forms of companies. Therefore, it is internationally reputed law firm of India, well-based in Delhi, inevitably provides expert and efficient legal support and services for establishments of one person companies in entire India in various sectors of economy. 

Some of the most impressive and significant features or benefits obtainable from a one person company are the following --- an OPC is registered like a private limited company and thus requires only a mere total paid-up capital of INR One Lac (Minimum); only one director, only one shareholder/stakeholder, and one adult nominee are needed, the shareholder and director can be the same person; an OPC is entitled to enjoy the great advantage of limited liability; OPC has to make lesser annual and regulatory compliances as compared to those of the private and public limited companies; and provisions related with the general meetings and rotation of auditors are not applicable to OPCs.

As with all other types of companies, company's well-informed and veteran company lawyers also deliver adroitly all required advice and legal services for perfect and brisk registration and business establishment of OPCs in India, to the concerned entrepreneurs, professionals, industrialists, and investors belonging to India and abroad. Here, it must be duly stipulated that, the proposed director and nominee must be an Indian Citizen or a “Resident in India”, for setting up an OPC anywhere in India. Company's legal services in connection with incorporation of an OPC include obtaining DSC and DIN on behalf of the client; and filing and processing forms of INC-1, INC-2, INC-3, INC-21, etc. To know more about the mandatory provisions and limitations related with OPCs in India, and registering an OPC anywhere in India, readers may readily contact our hugely reputed and punctiliously responsive law firm of India.

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