Action Plan for Startup India: An Historic Step by Govt. of India

On the Independence Day of 2015, PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi had announced the Startup India to make India one of the Fastest Growing Economies in World. To make this campaign successful, he now launches the action-plan of the same on January 16, 2016.

The Action-Plan for the Startup India is Out now, and It's time to act for making India one of the fastest growing economies of the present world. Based on the action-plan launched by the Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi, the experts of the world over are collectively of the opinion that this campaign can make India one of the richest countries of the world in term of GDP in near future.

The Action Plan have many impressive and bright features to impress Investors and entrepreneurs interested in various economic fields. The following are the main announcements made in support of this Startup India action-plan: -

  1. Compliance regime based on self certification

  2. Simplifying the startup process- launching mobile app and portal for registration

  3. Rs. 10,000 crore fund for startups

  4. Credit Guarantee Fund for Startups

  5. Exemption from Capital Gains Tax

  6. Tax Exemption for 3 years

  7. Legal Support and Assistance from Government Panel for Filing Patent Application

  8. Protection of the Patent

  9. Atal Innovation Mission -For encouraging the Talent and new Ideas, Atal Innovation Mission will give a broad path.

  10. A Startup India Hub - The Startup India Hub is a panel for knowledge exchange and access to funding.

  11. Startup Fests - Plan to provide a platform for future entrepreneurs in India to make them globally famous world class incubators.

  12. 35 new incubators in institutions

  13. Relaxed norms of public-procurement

  14. Faster exits for startups

  15. Innovation focused programs for students - Uchhattar Avishkar Yojana & NIDHI (Nidhi Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations)

  16. The Annual Incubator for World class startups

  17. Setting up of 7 new research parks

  18. Promote entrepreneurship in biotechnology

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