Family-Owned Supplement Company Fuel 4 Ever Launches Filler-Free Formulas for Intermittent Fasting and Sleep Support

Danielle and David Stanton

Fuel 4 Ever, a family-owned supplement company, is proud to announce the launch of its one-of-a-kind flagship products: FAST and SLEEP. Carefully crafted without fillers, dyes or other additives — a rarity in the supplement industry — these all-natural powder formulas are designed to support gut health and healthy lifestyles.

Fuel 4 Ever was founded by Los Gatos, California, residents Danielle and David Stanton. David's more than 20 years as a registered gastrointestinal (GI) nurse combined with Danielle's personal wellness journey lay the foundation for their transformative set of products. 

FAST was created to fuel an intermittent fast without breaking it. The supplement is formulated with essential amino acids, electrolytes, green tea extract and creatine — a crucial and often misunderstood ingredient proven to boost brain healthgut health and more in women and men alike. 

"Fasting offers a lot of benefits, like reducing inflammation and supporting healthy weight loss, but sitting in a hungry state can be difficult," said Fuel 4 Ever Co-Founder David Stanton. "We created FAST to help fuel people's bodies, without breaking their fast, and further the results they experience."

Fuel 4 Ever's non-addictive SLEEP was developed to enhance rest with magnesium, lemon balm, KSM-66 ashwagandha® and the naturally detoxifying duo chlorella and cilantro. 

"For years I struggled with insomnia and was addicted to prescription sleep medications," said Fuel 4 Ever Co-Founder Danielle Stanton. "My shift into holistic medicine opened my eyes to what's possible when you put good, whole ingredients into your body. Nearly half of all Americans are deficient in magnesium alone. SLEEP helps fill in nutritional gaps and promote sounder sleep."

FAST and SLEEP start at $44.95 and are available at

About Danielle and David Stanton

In 2020, Fuel 4 Ever co-founders Danielle and David Stanton set out on a journey toward holistic wellness, quickly realizing there was much to learn about what we're putting into our bodies. Their backgrounds inspired them to create Fuel 4 Ever, which has become their lifelong passion project. 

Danielle Stanton has a bachelor's degree in social work and a master's degree in counseling/education, cultivating her innate desire to help others. She will receive her holistic nutrition license certification this August. David Stanton has been a registered nurse for 20 years, specializing in GI issues. He grew up helping his dad, a compounding pharmacist, at his store, where he learned firsthand the importance of sourcing high-quality ingredients.

About Fuel 4 Ever

Fuel 4 Ever is a health-conscious supplement company founded by dynamic husband and wife duo Danielle and David Stanton upon one simple principle: When you care about what you put into your body, it can change your life. Out of their own desire to fuel up with clean eating and high-quality ingredients, the Stantons set out to create safe, all-natural dietary supplements that aim to support wellness and longevity.

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Source: Fuel 4 Ever