Ever-Green Energy Brings District Energy System Online at Mission Rock Development

Ever-Green will manage the utility systems for San Francisco's largest mixed-use waterfront neighborhood with aggressive sustainability goals

Minnesota-based Ever-Green Energy announced the district energy system for San Francisco's Mission Rock development is online. Managed by Ever-Green, the system heats and cools the residential and commercial buildings within the 28-acre site. Mission Rock reaches an important milestone as they welcome their first residential and commercial tenants.  

The project leaders, including the San Francisco Giants, Tishman Speyer and the Port of San Francisco, teamed up with Ever-Green to develop 100% renewable energy sources for building energy use. These efforts will eliminate or offset the majority of the project's operational greenhouse gas emissions. 

"The Mission Rock development is demonstrating that climate solutions for buildings are feasible and scalable. The partners have remained steadfast to their sustainability commitments, and it has been an honor to work with them on this project," said Ever-Green CEO Ken Smith. "It is exciting to see our team apply their expertise and knowledge honed in Minnesota to systems across the country."

Mission Rock Utilities' district energy system uses a shared energy plant to supply both heating and cooling to the development, replacing the need for equipment in each building. At full build-out, the energy and black water recycling systems are estimated to reduce annual energy usage by 24,000 MMBtu, water and non-potable water usage by 18 million gallons, sewer discharge by 12 million gallons, and CO2 emissions by 1,600 tons. The district energy system is designed to eventually use bay water as a geoexchange source to heat and cool the buildings, which, when coupled with renewable electricity, will serve all buildings with carbon-free energy. By replacing conventional cooling towers, the bay water exchange system is expected to conserve millions of gallons of water per year while achieving the city's goals of reducing water use. 

"Mission Rock demonstrates what can be achieved when you adopt aggressive environmental sustainability goals," said Julian Pancoast, VP of development, San Francisco Giants. "The entire project team is excited to realize our vision to create a project that will support community resilience for decades to come."

Ever-Green also worked with developers to create California's largest private black water treatment plant. When active, it will recycle 64,000 gallons of black water per day. This recycled water will be utilized for non-potable purposes like irrigation and toilet flushing.

"Mission Rock has presented opportunities to establish elevated standards throughout the development process. From employing a more diverse workforce for the design and construction, to following through on impactful sustainable infrastructure and wellbeing targets, our team is thrilled to see Phase 1 take shape and deliver on these commitments," said Maggie Kadin, Managing Director of Development, Tishman Speyer. 

Ever-Green is developing and managing energy systems for cities, higher education institutions, and developers who are looking for stable and efficient utilities that can meet sustainability and carbon goals. 

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Source: Ever-Green Energy