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YuliApp aims to boost the economy in Africa by open sourcing the online marketplace. Business owners and service providers get provision-free online shop - even without ads or recurring fees.

The genial idea of the open online marketplace for everybody has opened a lot of people's eyes and slowly but surely started to change the world. It all started on Dec. 1, 2017, the date YuliApp went online and convinced dozens of shops and more than 20,000 people worldwide to make the change with us.

YuliApp knows for sure that the future of the online marketplace rests with crowd and open sourcing.

The general principle of YuliApp is to give business owners and service providers a provision-free online shop - even without ads or recurring fees. No need for a marketing budget anymore. All profits made by a shop will stay with the shop.

YuliApp's motto is Offer, Improve and Help.

YuliApp is known for supporting small businesses around the world and now aims to boost the economy in Africa by open sourcing the online marketplace.

The statistic of internet users in Africa in 2017 shows that Nigeria has 91.6 million internet users - one of the countries with the biggest number of internet users worldwide - 81 percent of web traffic was generated via smartphones. The reason for this is much cheaper mobile connections which do not require any infrastructure for conventional desktop PCs with fixed-line internet connections. Second-ranked is Kenya with 43.33 million users and third place belongs to Egypt with 37.33 million users.*

YuliApp gives all these people the opportunity to create jobs, even for hard-to-employ people like students, mothers, seniors, disabled people or those without a good education.

YuliApp is the global local online marketplace for everybody and everything.

YuliApp connects customers, shops and suppliers with a messenger that no other marketplace can provide. YuliApp is for selling services, products or even used products. There are no limits for YuliApp. YuliApp is powered by people for the people!

YuliApp is provision-free. Over 95 percent of the profit from add-on services and ads is given back to the community through depots around the world. In YuliApp Community Depots, there are local representative groups and like Facebook groups, they are usually city- or country-based but they can also be topic-based (like pets, vegan or events depot). YuliApp shares local support and know-how with volunteers and companies who want to take care of the community they live in and provide us with valuable feedback about the local issues, needs and ways to expand.

The result of the crowd and open sourcing is to help local manufacturers and reduce the end-product price by providing clear and transparent costs to customers and explaining how the price was built.

Power is in your hands, let’s change the world.

(link contains more information, video and link to Kickstarter campaign)

* Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/505883/number-of-internet-users-in-african-countries/

Source: YuliApp


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