Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. Announces New Certification Seal for Gyms That Employ a Bulldog Floor Scrubber

Bulldog Floor Scrubber owners that pledge to follow the best practices for operating the equipment in their gym are now being given a Certified Bulldog Clean Seal and Certificate in recognition of their dedication to mat sanitation in their fitness facility.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Bulldog Floor Scrubber has become the choice floor cleaning equipment for hundreds of CrossFit affiliates across the US and Canada. Available throughout North America, the Bulldog Floor Scrubber uses a scrub brush that rotates at 180RPM with forceful down pressure to get gym floors cleaned in a manner that impossible to replicate manually. Another feature of the Bulldog Floor Scrubber is its ability to continually clean with a clean water solution ensuring that the floor mats do not come in contact with contaminated dirty water as they are scrubbed clean. When an owner pledges to follow the “Best Practices for Cleaning Your Matting and Other Floor Surfaces” as outlined by the equipment experts at Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc., the Certified Bulldog Clean Seal is awarded to that facility as a way to show their members their level of dedication to regularly cleaning their gym floors. 

The Certified Bulldog Clean Seal allows members to know that a fitness facility is committed to frequently cleaning their floor mats and other floor material. Facility owners are now able to show their existing members, as well as potential new members, how important sanitary practices are at their gym by prominently displaying the Certified Bulldog Clean Seal and Certificate on their website and in their facility.

Key Benefits:

Membership Trust. In the fitness community, taking steps to create a sanitary environment for members to workout in is a responsible practice that allows gym members to trust coaches and owners with their health regimen. Floor cleanliness leaves a lasting impression. The Certified Bulldog Clean seal can build membership confidence in a facility’s cleaning practices by showing members how a facility maintains their floors.

Empowers Members. By displaying the Certified Bulldog Clean Seal, members can visit the Certified Bulldog Clean website at their own discretion to learn more about how their facility operates. Without having to verbally tell members that a gym scrubs their gym mats clean on a regular basis, members are empowered to learn what the Certified Bulldog Clean seal stands for.

Sets Facility Apart. The Certified Bulldog Clean Seal can set a facility apart from other gyms in the area. Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. has long understood that fitness facilities owning a Bulldog Floor Scrubber take the responsibility of maintaining a clean and healthy facility for members seriously. Now, Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. has made it possible for gym owners to display that commitment in the form of a seal.

The Certified Bulldog Clean Seal is available to Bulldog scrubber owners who pledge to follow the “Best Practices for Cleaning Your Matting and Other Floor Surfaces.” Facilities that acquire a Bulldog Floor Scrubber will be encouraged to pledge and receive a certified seal to display. To become a Certified Bulldog Clean gym contact Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. at: 800-793-3790.

For more information, visit https://www.thesweeper.com/clean-your-box.

Company Profile

Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. (FCE) with facilities in Aurora, IL and Mooresville, NC was founded in 1994, and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers. Great service technicians, top quality machines, fast parts delivery and outstanding customer service are the standards that FCE has set. FCE offers a complete line of floor cleaning equipment from small walk-behind scrubbers to large ride-on sweepers and scrubbers made in the United States of America. The service personnel at FCE are factory trained with over two decades of service experience to properly repair all makes and models of floor sweeping and floor scrubbing machines. Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. prides its self with helping customers identify the right product to fit their need. In addition, FCE sells environmentally safe, biodegradable detergents to remove dirt, oil, and build-up from concrete floors. The detergents available at FCE are blended to work specifically in automatic scrubbers and are concentrated for maximum effectiveness. 

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In Aurora, IL and Mooresville, NC Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1994, and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers.

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