Bulldog™ Scrubbers Releases Its Revolutionary Micro Scrubber

It's time to ditch the mop and redefine "clean"

Bulldog Micro Scrubber Vs The Mop

The parent company of Bulldog™ Scrubbers, Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. (FCE) introduces its newest product- the Bulldog Micro Scrubber. Many facilities are guilty of still using the traditional mop and bucket combo. Yet what many do not realize is that the mop is a breeding ground for bacteria and a dwelling place for dirt. If dirty water is being redistributed across the floor or your cleaning routine is inefficient and costly, it’s time to ditch the old ways and redefine “clean” with the all-new Bulldog™ Micro Scrubber! Coming soon in February 2018.

What To Expect...
This compact floor scrubber creates a heavy-duty clean. The Bulldog™ Micro Scrubber takes affordability, maneuverability, simplicity, durability, versatility, and much more to a new level. With double rotating brushes, various water settings, a heavy-duty vacuum, and rear squeegee, floors will be clean, dry, and removed of dirt and germs.

●     Maneuverability- With 360-degree gliding movement, this floor scrubber will go wherever its owner goes.

●     Simplicity- The micro scrubber takes up less room than a standard mop and bucket, allowing for easy, compact storage in even the tightest spaces. Compact parts also allow for easy use and simple clean-up.

●     Durability- This machine is tough enough to tackle any job with its lithium-ion battery, stainless steel parts, rotomold body, and heavy-duty squeegee and vacuum.

●     Versatility- Designed to be used across a variety of applications, this floor scrubber is ready to clean restaurants, bathrooms, convenience stores, kitchens, shops and more.

●      Affordability- Unlike some of its competitors in its class, the Bulldog™ Micro Scrubber is a more affordable option. Save business precious time and money by cutting labor costs by over 60 percent.

Bulldog™  Paves The Way For Success
When creating the Bulldog™ brand, the goal was clear - to create heavy-duty machines for smaller applications that promised ease of use, reliability, and affordability. FCE believes they’ve accomplished all of that and more. Here are some of the key successes of FCE’s Bulldog Scrubbers brand:

●      Nationwide presence - In recent years, thousands of Bulldogs have been sold to all states across the nation. There is a Bulldog™ in every single state including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

●      #1 Scrubber of Gym Owners-  The Bulldog™ WD20 floor scrubber is the number one floor scrubber used by gym owners all across the nation.

●      “Certified Bulldog Clean” certificate program for gyms. The creation of this cross-promotional initiative allows gyms to maintain a healthy, sanitary environment. Thanks to this certification, gyms are able to pride themselves on their investments and practices to keep their gym clean for members.

FCE Doing What It Does Best
Since 1994, Factory Cleaning Equipment has designed and provided a complete line of floor cleaning equipment from compact walk-behind scrubber machines to large ride-on sweepers and scrubbers. With over 20 years of doing what we do best, we’ve become the leader of the equipment industry. Along with our top quality machines, we provide fast parts delivery and highly trained service expertise.

Ready to take the first step toward cleaner floors? Visit the Bulldog Micro Scrubber webpage today.

Source: Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc.

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