Face-to-Face Tutoring Enables Students to Realise Their Full Potential

Tutoring is remarkably effective at helping students learn, providing them with opportunities for their full potential to be realised and maintained beyond their schooling years.


According to ABC to VCE, the leading tutors Sunshine and beyond, a face-to-face tutoring approach is particularly effective in sparking a love of learning amongst students. 

While a classroom often requires one teacher's attention across 20 to 30 students, small group and personalised tutoring give students the benefit of specific guidance and feedback in real time. ABC to VCE explains that face-to-face tutoring gets to the heart of learning, allowing opportunities for students to ask questions, discuss learning and share new knowledge.

ABC to VCE says face-to-face tutoring offers a whole host of benefits for students. As tutors fill a different role than teachers and parents, they are in a unique position to support students. Establishing strong personal relationships with their students is something the tutors at ABC to VCE pride themselves on. These personal relationships are foundational to student success.

As ABC to VCE explains, when a tutor listens and spends time building a relationship with their students, they are able to personalise the learning and incorporate connections to the student's interests. Additionally, the tutor can teach to the student's strengths and minimise their weaknesses. To set students up for academic success, ABC to VCE says it is crucial for tutors to focus on goal setting, creating benchmarks and planning backwards. 

The ABC to VCE tutoring programs follow a consistent model with sessions informed by the Victorian curriculum. The delivery model is based on undisputed research and theories that stress the fundamental role of social interaction in the development of learning. 

As the leading high school tutor Sunshine and beyond, ABC to VCE offers both primary and secondary school tutoring which focuses on English and Maths skills as well as VCE programs designed to ensure students reach their full potential with the high results they require for university studies. Lessons include teaching students how to approach a question, what the question is really asking and ways to answer with above average responses. 

To learn more or speak with a leading VCE tutor Sunshine and beyond, contact ABC to VCE. Please call us on 0433 221 034 to ensure someone can assist you, or email us at info@abctovce.com.au.

Source: ABC to VCE


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