FabricLink.com Announces the Launch of the Survivor Costume Guide

​​FabricLink.com announces the launch of the, “Survivor Costume Guide” for this Halloween. Featuring circus performers – ringmasters, trapeze artists, horseback riders, and lion trainers and tamers. Make this year a Do-It-Yourself Circus Costume success, that will take the imagination from the big top to your neighborhood.

Inspired by the popularity of the movie “The Greatest Showman,” Fabriclink.com offers a variety of whimsical and imaginative circus-themed costume ideas for time saving ideas this fall.

This year’s designer collection includes princess, pixie, ballerina, vampire, pirate and lion costumes that can be morphed into one's wildest circus dreams. Let the princess, pixie and ballerina costumes outfit a little ringmaster, trapeze artist and horseback riders, while the vampire and pirate costumes are perfect for a ringmaster, lion trainer and lion tamers. There is plenty of room to get creative.

The costumes include patterns with all the instructions needed, utilizing hook and loop features to enable a quick “no-sew” creation and easy assembly. Not to mention all of the accessories to add to every and all costumes offered including necklaces, gold embellishments, and bow-ties, with an assortment of Halloween masks, mustaches, eyebrows, and  top hats.

Start with just the basic cape pattern, or make the cape a sparkle fabric for a performer or trapeze artist. “Costume ideas for kids” provide tips for a fast and easy Halloween, leaving more time on the pumpkin path to candy heaven. This Halloween, Fabriclink.com is the go-to source for do-it-yourself costumes that provide an imaginative way for kids to conjure up ancient times and fantastic places.

Hosting the perfect open house theme party, or looking for unique party decorations; the Costume Closet’s decoration section has an extensive range of ideas for all types of Halloween party decorations.

Make this year’s Halloween celebration fun and easy. 

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