"EZ Find Me": Feel Safe Knowing Where a Loved One is Always

​Whether you are a parent, or a caretaker, being able to immediately ascertain the location of an individual or loved one through this hidden, tamper resistant GPS tracking chip imbedded in the shoe heel or tongue is invaluable. The EZ Find Me is an undetectable GPS tracking device and app for smartphones and tablets. It will allow you to immediately identify the individual's precise location with movements on a map displayed on the phone screen or tablet.

The Easy Find Me will consist of a smart phone or computer App and a GPS tracking chip. The tracking chip will be paper thin and can attach to the wearer's shoe heel or tongue of the footwear. When the app is activated, it will locate the chip on the shoe through a GPS system and display on the phone screen. You will be able to follow the movement and location of the person wearing the chip and know when or where they are going.  In the event of an abduction, the monitoring individual would be able to immediately contact law enforcement and provide the precise location. Most times the individual has just wondered out of sight. One significant benefit of the Easy Find Me is its capacity to instantly locate the child, and prevent unnecessary false alarms. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Find Me.

The Patent Pending EZ Find Me was invented by Stanley Feldman of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This is perfect for outings in the park, camping or hiking trips, or anywhere a loved one could go unseen. This is like an invisible leash for parents.”

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