Eyeson and Scotty Group Join Forces, Launching Innovative 'SCOTTY Telemed' Solution

First-of-its-kind solution leverages advanced video communications and satellite link technology to connect remote teams with experts in real-time.

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Eyeson, a leading provider of video communication dashboards, and Scotty Group, experts in secure and reliable communication technologies, today announced a strategic partnership that introduces their latest innovation: the 'SCOTTY TeleMed' solution. This revolutionary product is set to transform public safety operations, including emergency medical services and disaster response. The solution can be extended to all industries with remote teams, like aerospace, field research or infrastructure inspection.

The 'SCOTTY TeleMed' solution is a unique video communication dashboard that is compact, portable, and capable of connecting remote medical teams to specialists via a satellite link. The dashboard facilitates the transmission of live medical data, including ultrasonic scans, ECG readings, and other vital medical sensor information. This feature enables specialist teams to provide immediate guidance and support during critical situations, regardless of geographical barriers.

"The partnership between Eyeson and Scotty Group is about leveraging our respective strengths to create a product that will revolutionize the field of remote medical assistance," said Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of Eyeson. "Our innovative video communication technology, combined with Scotty Group's reliable satellite communication, allows us to deliver expert medical advice directly to the field, when and where it's needed most."

The 'SCOTTY TeleMed' solution is also extendable to other public safety operations, expanding its potential impact across various industries and services. It's designed with adaptability in mind, and its application goes beyond medical scenarios. It can be utilized in any scenario with isolated networks without internet access requiring expert input, making it a valuable tool for industries like field research, defense, and aerospace, among others.

"We were excited about the interest in the capabilities of our new solution at the Dubai Air Show 2023," said Joachim Kalcher, CEO of Scotty Group. "We believe our partnership with Eyeson and the launch of 'SCOTTY TeleMed' will redefine the possibilities for remote communication and support in public safety operations."

For more information about Eyeson and Scotty Group's innovative 'SCOTTY TeleMed' solution, please visit www.eyeson.com and www.scottygroup.com.


About Eyeson

Eyeson is an Austrian tech company specialized in developing cloud-based video communication solutions, also in isolated networks. It's known for its advanced video call API that allows for flexible layout design, low bandwidth utilization and integration of multiple data sources or participants on the fly, thus enabling situational flexibility. For more information, visit www.eyeson.com.

About Scotty Group

Scotty Group is a global leader in secure and reliable communication technologies. It's known for its forward-thinking approach, continuously aligning its products to anticipate future trends and meet the evolving needs of its customers. For more information, visit www.scottygroup.com.

Source: Eyeson

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