Extensive Portfolio of SAP-Integrated Business Applications for the U.S. Market by xSuite Solutions Inc.

As a member of the global Workflow Management & Document Consulting Group, the xSuite Solutions' portfolio includes support for SAP 4/HANA Simple Finance and Cloud-based Archiving.

With xSuite Solutions Inc., the global Workflow Management & Document Consulting Group has established  its US-subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The group already successfully services noteworthy U.S. customers and this move will align it closer to these customers and expand its market presence in the U.S. over the coming years.

xSuite Solutions Inc., brings with it an experienced team for the realization of high-end workflow-intensive financial solutions for SAP-integrated process automation, specifically in the areas of procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, archiving, and folder management (vendor, customer, and personnel files). President and CEO of xSuite Solutions Danny Schaarmann brings extensive experience to the design and implementation of workflow-intensive applications that need to integrate into existing ERP-based systems, specifically SAP.

“All SAP customers are confronted with a technological inflection point due to the advent of S4/HANA and cloud-based implementation and storage models. They need to assess and possibly rethink their overall SAP infrastructure”, says Danny Schaarmann. “The information management platform xSuite, with its modular and highly integrated SAP workflow automation for such processes as purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash, is an ideal platform to accompany the changes contemplated by the SAP customer base.”
The xSuite technology platform is capable of integrating the various elements in play today allowing various modules to seamlessly communicate with each other as organizations evolve to the new SAP platforms. A unique installation and deployment concept enables companies to more efficiently deploy these solutions within the U.S. or globally across multiple regions and countries.

Ramesh Kana, CEO at Emery Oleochemicals, states: “With xSuite, we are able to standardize our P2P process worldwide and achieve a new level of performance and satisfaction not only among our employees and the management but also ultimately among our vendors.”

xSuite Solutions Inc. will be participating at the SAP Financials in Las Vegas, March 15 to 18, 2016 (Booth # 535).


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