Explore Scientific Reaches Distribution Agreement With Optiques Fullum

Deal Establishes Explore Scientific as Exclusive Distributor in U.S., Mexico, Central America & South America for Some of the World's Largest Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy

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Explore Scientific, LLC has entered an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of Optiques Fullum products throughout the Americas outside of Canada.

Optiques Fullum is a Canadian optics company that manufactures the largest custom telescopes available in regular production for amateur astronomers. Their signature Fullum Folded Newtonian is produced in house and is available in impressive apertures from 30 inches to 65 inches. 

"I am not just a telescope and mirror maker. I am an avid visual observer, and that is my reason for building the Fullum Folded Newtonian telescope to safely observe the universe with a large aperture," said Normand Fullum, founder of Optiques Fullum. "I have known Scott Roberts of Explore Scientific for many years, and we share the same passion for astronomy. I am very happy that Explore Scientific is now my official representative in the United States, Mexico and Central and South America regions."

In addition to their awe-inspiring custom Folded Newtonian telescopes, Optiques Fullum also makes innovative Techno-Fusion Mirrors that are ultra-light and custom-made to fit a client's needs.

"Normand Fullum is a genius in the telescope-making field, starting with making his own first telescope to the incredible large-aperture Folded Newtonians that are among the world's largest telescopes available to amateur astronomers today," said Scott Roberts, founder and president of Explore Scientific. "Explore Scientific is honored to be the distributor for Optiques Fullum telescopes." 

Beyond the distribution agreement, both companies have plans for future collaborations to introduce Explore Scientific technology into the Optiques Fullum product line.

To learn more, visit explorescientific.com/optiquesfullum

About Optiques Fullum:

Optiques Fullum is a leader in custom-made high precision optics. The company works hand in hand with clients to transition towards manufacturable solutions that will fulfill or even exceed all expectations. Through the use of innovative techniques like the Techno-Fusion Technology and the Fullum-Folded Newtonian Telescope, the company is able to bring high-end large telescopes and optical mirrors to the market. To learn more about Optiques Fullum, visit www.optiquesfullum.com.

About Explore Scientific:

Established in 2008, Explore Scientific, LLC, is a science and outdoor lifestyle company offering a broad range of optics, electronics, cameras, and specialized accessories for astronomy, biology, STEM education, and outdoor adventure. The company's brand offerings include Explore Scientific, BRESSER, Alpen, and Galileoscope. You can learn more about Explore Scientific at www.explorescientific.com.

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