Experts Share Top Tips for Installing Bluestone Pavers

The final appearance of bluestone paving is mainly contingent on the preparation work done before installation. Here, experts share their top tips for installing bluestone pavers.

Laying new paving in the garden is a great way to improve the look and appeal of the backyard. According to Edwards Pavers, the leading supplier of bluestone pavers in Melbourne, acquiring top-quality materials and preparing the area to be covered are the two most important steps when it comes to installing outdoor pavers. 

The first step is to excavate the area, recommends Edwards Pavers. Marking out the area to be paved and then digging around to double the depth of the bluestone pavers will ensure there is space for the base layers. Removing any large rubble from the bottom layer is critical as this can breach the foundations. 

Once the correct depth has been dug out, Edwards Pavers says the next step is to flatten and compact the earth to create a firm base to create the foundations. Ensuring the ground is level is vital, so this step will need to be repeated after the base layer has been put down. 

For the base layer, Edwards Pavers says gravel, sand mortar or cement can all be used. The most important factor is ensuring the base layer is made from small elements so water can seep through to the ground below. It is recommended to extend the base layer a few inches further than the intended paving area if possible. The base layer should lean slightly in one direction to enable free flow of water and prevent puddles pooling when it rains. 

A vapour-proof layer over the base layer will stop water coming up through the ground and into the concrete that the pavers are set on. Edwards Pavers says vapour-proof layers can be bought from a hardware store or, alternatively, compacted sand can achieve a comparable effect.

Once a level and solid base has been achieved, Edwards Pavers says it's important to get the right consistency of concrete upon which the pavers will be laid. This will ensure the bluestone tiles are set firmly in place. It's important to be patient and careful during this final stage, as any mistakes will easily be visible in the finished project.

For more tips, inspiration and to shop for quality bluestone products at competitive prices, visit Edwards Pavers.

Source: Edwards Pavers


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