Experts Reveal the Surprising Truth About Defibrillators and How Anyone Can Use One to Save a Life

Defibrillators are a relatively recent life-saving invention, but one that is all too often viewed as 'exclusively for the experts.' This couldn't be further from the truth.

My First Aid Course Brisbane

According to My First Aid Course Brisbane, anyone can use a defibrillator and they might just save someone else's life by doing so. While defibrillators are surprisingly user-friendly, even for the untrained, the leading provider of first aid courses in Brisbane still recommends people familiarise themselves with the device by participating in a first aid course.

A defibrillator, or AED, is an easy-to-use portable device designed to assess for and deliver an electrical shock to someone in cardiac arrest. My First Aid Course Brisbane explains that the shock can be successful in resuscitation by resetting a heart that is in a chaotic pattern.

The key signs of cardiac arrest are unresponsiveness and abnormal breathing, says the leading training provider. There are a lot of different reasons why this happens, but the symptoms are the same - and defibrillation, combined with CPR, will likely be the only way to get the heart beating again. 

My First Aid Course Brisbane explains that defibrillators assess the heart rhythm of the patient and will only instruct the user to shock them if it is necessary. Because the device itself decides whether a shock is needed and provides instructions to the rescuer, the person administering first aid can use the defibrillator confidently without fear of causing harm. When used effectively, defibrillators have a dramatic and positive impact on chances of survival.

If someone is showing symptoms of cardiac arrest, My First Aid Course Brisbane says the first step is to tell the emergency services and begin performing CPR. The best way to learn and practice CPR and emergency response skills is by attending an accredited first aid and CPR course from a reputable provider, like My First Aid Course Brisbane, which offers group training and public courses across Brisbane. 

AEDs can be found in a prominent position in many public spaces, such as train stations, shopping malls, gyms, sporting venues and large office buildings. My First Aid Course Brisbane says when a defibrillator arrives on scene, the user needs to simply turn it on and follow the audible prompts.

For more information or to enroll in the best CPR course Brisbane-wide, contact My First Aid Course Brisbane. Industry-leading AEDs can be purchased online.

Source: My First Aid Course Brisbane