Experts Reveal the Most Common Decking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

DIY decking can be a great way for homeowners to save money; however, there are some crucial considerations that must be factored in during planning to avoid disastrous mistakes.

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According to Softwoods, a family-owned South Australian company specialising in supplying industry-leading decking, pergolas, carports, fences and more, a fundamental part of the process when it comes to DIY decking is paying due diligence. From selecting poor-quality materials and inadequate space to forgetting about pest control and future-proofing the outdoor floor, these are the most common mistakes homeowners make. 

Firstly, Softwoods says using poor-quality materials can be a costly mistake in the long run. For a durable, long-lasting deck, investing in high-quality hardwood or composite decking is highly recommended. 

Softwoods explains that many homeowners make the mistake of installing the decking timber the wrong side up. It's more effective to have the grooved side face down as the grooves encourage air circulation beneath the deck, preventing it from taking on water and warping. Having the ridges on the surface side can also make it more difficult to keep the deck clean. 

Many first-time DIYers forget to allow for gaps, explains Softwoods. Timber is a natural material and will therefore expand and contract under changing conditions. During humid weather, wooden decking can expand, and when it's cold, it may contract. Regardless of whether composite decking or real wood is used, it's important to leave a gap between boards to give the deck adequate ventilation and space to change without damaging its structural integrity. 

Some of the other most common mistakes Softwoods comes across include homeowners not planning properly and getting the proportions wrong as well as not sealing the deck straight away to protect it from rain and UV sun damage. Additionally, underneath a deck can become a haven for pests if there is not adequate drainage and that's why Softwoods recommends preparing the ground beneath your deck before proceeding with building. 

When it comes to DIY decking kits, Softwoods offers a huge range of options, from timber varieties to endless shapes, sizes and design combinations. To find out more, contact Softwoods today. For more information, call us now (08) 8346 1499.

Source: Softwoods


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