Experts Reveal the Best Types of Stone for Different Design Styles

Achieve the perfect look for any renovation or landscaping job - Edwards Slate and Stone reveals which type of stone to use for any design style.

Choosing the right type of tile or stone is an essential step in the design process of a renovation or landscaping project. From limestone to granite to bluestone tiles, Melbourne-based Edwards Slate and Stone is the stone expert - they reveal how to choose the best type of stone for any project or design style. 

The right tile or stone variety helps to create continuity and cohesiveness in a new space, says Edwards Slate and Stone. A renovator or landscaper's tile choice should complement their overall design style, whether it be eclectic, bohemian, contemporary or beachy. Although different stones serve different purposes and have a variety of strengths and weaknesses, overall they serve a significant aesthetic purpose and have the power to completely alter the look and feel of a space. 

For homeowners who lean toward a more contemporary design style, Edwards Slate and Stone recommends opting for a darker-coloured stone like bluestone or black granite. These complement almost any colour scheme and are versatile enough to suit a range of different settings: swimming pools, driveways, alfresco dining and entertainment areas and garden paving. Both varieties are weather resistant, slip resistant and extremely durable.

To achieve a more whimsical or bohemian feel, homeowners are advised to consider travertine or crazy paving. Melbourne homes are increasingly adopting lighter-coloured stones and crazy paving techniques to create an interesting, unique feel for outdoor spaces. Crazy paving and travertine are both suitable for outdoor pool and gardening areas, as well as alfresco dining and entertaining areas that will experience lots of foot traffic and heavy furniture. Edwards Slate and Stone says that their Sangria crazy paving is a particular favourite amongst Melbourne renovators and landscapers for its beautiful honey colouring.

To find out more about tiles and stones like granite, travertine and bluestone pavers, Melbourne residents are encouraged to contact the Edwards Slate and Stone team or drop into their Mount Waverley showroom.

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