Experts Explain the Importance of Data Acquisition

Data acquisition plays a critical role in various fields such as science research, civil engineering and industrial maintenance. Here, industry experts explain why gathering data is so important.

Applied Measurement

According to Applied Measurement, the leading provider of innovative and effective solutions for applications that involve measurement of physical parameters, data acquisition systems can be used to improve efficiency, ensure reliability or to ascertain that machinery is operating safely. 

Applied Measurement explains that as the name implies, a data acquisition system refers to the many types of high and low data signal measurement tools. These tools record data that is used to ensure systems are performing as expected and to identify any problems that need to be addressed. 

Comprising sensors, measurement devices and a computer, data acquisition systems can either be handheld or remotely operated. Applied Measurement says handheld systems are used when there is a requirement for taking readings of an object that can be physically interacted with, while remote data acquisition systems are used when direct human interaction is not possible. 

Providing greater control over an organisation's processes, with the use of real-time data acquisition systems, Applied Measurement says technicians can respond quicker to rectify any problems that may occur. When choosing a data acquisition system, Applied Measurement says it is critical to ensure the system properly supports a measurement range that is consistent with signal sources to ensure data stored is accurate and precision is maintained. The most frequently measured signal source combination is voltage and temperature. 

A data logger is a common type of data acquisition system whereby collected data is recorded over a defined period of time. Popular due to their portability as well as ease of use for specific tasks, Applied Measurement says these systems are often intended for the collection of data over a long period of time. Depending on the type of application, the data can be used to read voltages, temperature measurements, humidity levels, currents or other signals of interest. 

With a wide range of high-end data acquisition systems available as well as sensors for hire, Applied Measurement can help make testing a breeze for various applications.

Boasting an extensive product portfolio, including flow meters and humidity sensors, Applied Measurement is renowned for consistently delivering high levels of precision and accuracy into engineered measurement and industrial control system applications.

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Since 1976, Applied Measurement has been providing innovative and effective measurement solutions in Australia. From individual sensors to complete systems, Applied Measurement designs, manufactures, distributes, supports and calibrates everything they supply.

Source: Applied Measurement