Expert Tips for Improving at Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the most exciting winter sports but it can also be incredibly frustrating as beginner and intermediate riders try to take their riding to the next level

Twelve Board Store

According to Melbourne snowboards retailer Twelve Board Store, advancing as a snowboarder is actually easier than most might think. It just requires some dedication, practice and investment in the right gear.

Experts agree that in order to improve at snowboarding, it's important to practice both on and off the mountain. The offseason is the perfect time to get in shape and start improving flexibility as well as core and leg strength, which will help to reduce soreness and prevent injury on the mountain. Skateboarding, wakeboarding and surfing will all help to keep snowboard muscles in shape during the warmer months. 

Twelve Board Store explains that on the mountain, snowboarders should ride switch as much as they can to improve their skills. It's easy to fall into the habit of performing usual maneuvers and turns day after day on the mountain but riding switch forces snowboarders to focus on the fundamentals of riding, boosting their confidence.

The gear used on the mountain plays a critical role in advancing as a rider. Purchasing equipment including snowboards and snowboard boots from a reputable snowboard shop like Twelve Board Store gives snowboarders the opportunity to have their setup tailored by an expert. Twelve Board Store explains that finding the perfect setup isn't as easy as picking a design and it pays to have someone qualified helping to find a snowboard that suits an individual's size, riding style and goals. 

Lessons aren't just for beginners, says Twelve Board Store. An expert snowboarding instructor can help riders push their limits safely while also ensuring they have the fundamentals down.

Getting a friend to film runs and then analysing them to refine technique is also a great way to improve, suggests Twelve Board Store.

As a dedicated skateboard and snowboard shop, Twelve Board Store provides Australian riders with the best gear. With a massive range of snowboards to choose from as well as accessories including snowboard gloves, the team can help shoppers choose the right gear for their needs. 

Source: Twelve Board Store