Expert Tips for Designing a Functional Pergola

While pergolas are relatively simple in their structure, they are surprisingly multifaceted and versatile. Experts share their tips for designing a functional outdoor space.


Offering cost-effective options for homeowners to build outdoor structures such as pergolas and decking, South Australian-based company Softwoods shares its top tips for designing a pergola that will provide maximum benefits. 

According to Softwoods, pergolas can be attached to the house, acting as an extension of the home. Often, attached pergolas will feature many of the same design elements of the main house structure to create a seamless flow from inside to outside. If a pergola is detached and built independently from the house, it will be a standalone structure and may be entirely different to the design of the home, creating a unique focal point in the backyard.

For homeowners seeking privacy when using their pergola, slatted timber screening is a great option, says Softwoods. The slatted timber will provide proper ventilation and maximum relaxing-in-private benefits. 

While traditional pergolas consisted only of timber beams and rafters running atop timber posts, modern styles often feature climbing plants and vines trained to run across the rafters to provide some shade as well as beautifying the structure. Softwoods advises homeowners to consider what they will be using the pergola for as well as how it will be affected by the elements such as sun and rain to determine how much shade they want. 

Polycarbonate roofing sheets can provide more significant cover, letting in a little sunshine while blocking out harmful UV rays, explains Softwoods. Steel roofing sheets can be used to provide maximum shade while the addition of a timber-lined ceiling will provide extra insulation from the heat of the sun. Creating an enclosed pergola will provide maximum benefits for year-round relaxing and entertaining. 

Softwoods recommends homeowners consider how often and how many people they entertain to determine the best-sized pergola. Adorning the pergola with a dining table, comfortable seating, a BBQ and whatever else homeowners desire will ensure an active social life, regardless of the weather. 

An independent, family-owned company that has been trading for over 30 years, Softwoods can help homeowners build quality outdoor timber structures as well as offering DIY options. For more information, contact Softwoods today.

Source: Softwoods