Expert Guide to Kids' Skateboards

Experts in longboards, skateboards and more, Twelve Board Store shares their tips for choosing the right skateboard for a kid.

Twelve Board Store

It's never too early or too late to start learning to skateboard - in fact, the earlier the better, says skateboard expert Twelve Board Store. Choosing the right longboards or skateboards for kids is the key to helping them nail the sport. With a range of skateboard decks and sizes to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right board for a kid - Twelve Board Store is here to help. 

Twelve Board Store, located in Melbourne, stocks a range of top-quality skateboards, electric skateboards and longboards for every age. Their expert team knows all there is to know about skating and can help parents find the right board for their kids. According to the Twelve Board Store team, kids' skateboards are broken down by size. 7.25-inch boards - called mini boards - are recommended for kids up to the age of five; kids above the age of five all the way up to 17 years old are better suited to a mid-size board, which ranges from 7.3 inches to 7.9 inches. However, teens who have bigger feet or are more advanced skaters may need a full-size board, which measures eight or more inches.

If parents aren't completely sure which size to purchase for their child, the experts at Twelve Board Store recommend always sizing up - after all, kids grow quickly. If parents are still unsure or need more personalised help, they can chat to the Twelve Board Store team in-store or online, or use their simple, online sizing guide. Plus, when parents purchase a board from Twelve Board Store, their child will get two free lessons in the Twelve Board Store Saturday lessons program.

Head in-store or browse online to check out Twelve Board Store's premium range of skateboards today.

Source: Twelve Board Store