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The President of Experiential Marketing Group detailed a recent giveback effort that supported a cause close to a team member's heart. She also highlighted the team benefits of giving back.

“We’re proud of the close-knit team we’ve built around the Experiential Marketing Group office,” stated Alice, the firm’s President. “When one of our sales and marketing managers needs assistance, we’re glad to band together and do what we can to help. Recently, our team took part in a fundraiser to support Mikayla, whose younger brother was diagnosed with liver cancer.”

A commitment to social impact has always been at the heart of the Experiential Marketing Group culture. Alice remarked, “We contribute to a wide range of good causes, both in our region and beyond. For us, it’s all about making the world a better place in whatever way possible. It’s also important for us to give back to the community that has enabled our success.”

Taking part in the cancer fundraiser was an emotional experience for everyone on Team Experiential Marketing Group. Alice commented, “This cause is extremely personal to our team. It’s our duty to ensure that Mikayla and her family receive as much support as possible during this difficult time in their lives. Helping to raise money for cancer research is the least we can do.”

When one of our sales and marketing managers needs assistance, we're glad to band together and do what we can to help. Recently, our team took part in a fundraiser to support Mikayla, whose younger brother was diagnosed with liver cancer.



Experiential Marketing Group’s President Details How Giving Back Strengthens Teams

Company leaders look for new ways to support good causes throughout the year. Alice stated, “We want to be a force for good in the world. We’ve found that our team grows stronger with every giveback event we organize. Helping nonprofits about which we’re passionate builds morale in a way no other pursuit can match. We learn more about each other’s interests, which often intersect in ways we might not have known.”

Team giveback events also help refine skills and uncover hidden talents. “Our sales and marketing managers often leave their comfort zones when we take part in philanthropic endeavors,” Alice said. “We come back to the Experiential Marketing Group office more inspired than ever to fuse our unique skills in productive ways. The positive energy we create while supporting worthy causes makes this fresh motivation even more powerful.”

New perspectives also emerge from team members’ social impact efforts. The President concluded, “We return home from a giveback event confident in the knowledge that we can make a difference in people’s lives. Our work is that much more rewarding when we know it’s complemented by meaningful social awareness.”

About Experiential Marketing Group:

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