Executive Mosaic Announces 2013 Wash100 Inductees, Shines Light on Leaders Driving Public Value Amid Historic Market Change

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The 2013 GovCon market saw a historic period of turmoil, uncertainty and change that will impact GovCon firms, the federal government and U.S. citizens for years.

As the Asia pivot took hold, next-gen technologies grew up and two extended wars drew down, industry was hit by shocks and disruptions in the market from sequestration, continuing resolution, government shutdown, debt ceiling debate, flattening budgets and more.

While there was great uncertainty, GovCon Execs expressed great optimism for the opportunity ahead of them.

Executive Mosaic Founder & CEO Jim Garrettson noted "2013 was among the toughest years for government contracting, but during this 'doing more with less' gauntlet, a powerful group of leaders thrived amid the fog of budget war."

Starting from Garrettson's vantage point, Executive Mosaic's organizational and editorial leadership sought out to identify and tell the story of the Wash100 - the public and private sector leaders who were continuing the hallmarks of their careers in service by generating meaningful value in the face of uncertainty.

The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders that demonstrate consistent commitment to organizational excellence, and drive above-average value to the U.S. public through strategic vision, innovation and achievement.

We congratulate them on their efforts and look forward to continuing to cover the market the best way we know how - from the GovCon Executive perspective.

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