Exclusive Felix the Cat Fine Artwork from Don Oriolo Coming Soon from Soho Prints

​​​​​​Soho Art International/Soho Prints Digital Arts Ltd., today announced a development and distribution partnership with artist Don Oriolo for an initial artwork collection of Felix the Cat original works of art created by Don Oriolo.

Through this partnership, Felix the Cat will be reintroduced to the world in the form of fine art originally created by Don Oriolo including original film cells of Felix the Cat from prior motion pictures and TV series plus signed musical instruments from The Don Oriolo Felix the Cat Guitar Collection. Under the terms of the new agreement, Soho Prints will have the exclusive rights to produce, market and sell a number of limited edition artworks featuring Felix the Cat from an initial allotment of pre-approved artwork.

"With this partnership with Soho Prints, my art featuring Felix will brighten more halls, more homes and more lives than I could ever imagine."

Don Oriolo, Artist

From the silent film era of the early 1920’s to being the first animated character balloon to be featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Felix the Cat has always been a beloved icon in American popular culture. In 1953, when Felix the Cat was looking for a new direction, Joe Oriolo, a young and very promising animator, took the helm of the Felix the Cat company, redesigning Felix and creating the fresh new look and feel of the  character. Oriolo also created a roster of cartoon personalities including “Poindexter”, “the Professor”, “Vavoom,” “Master Cylinder”, etc., and many in the industry feel he made it possible for the Felix TV series to be fully accepted by the entertainment industry and a worldwide audience of Felix fans.

The brand new TV series aired throughout the world with great success. Soon thereafter his son, Don Oriolo emerged as the new keeper of the Felix flame. For almost 50 years, Don has worked to take the character to an even higher level, increasing Felix’s visibility and popularity through successful licensing programs and also by developing and producing motion pictures and TV programs. DreamWorks Animation LLC avidly pursued Felix the Cat and purchased the character in May of 2014. The character “Poindexter” was not part of the sale and was retained by Don Oriolo. Don Oriolo also retained the rights to create, develop and distribute of all his Felix the Cat fine art creations for years to come. 

The exclusive artworks, available soon from Soho Prints, will feature Felix in various themes and situations such as, sports, music, holidays and various everyday activities seen from Felix’s point of view. Original works of art will be available along with 100 limited editions of each piece. All artwork is signed and numbered by Don Oriolo and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Soho will also feature certain instruments from The Don Oriolo Felix the Cat Guitar Company’s exclusive line of guitars, basses, ukuleles and banjos along with a limited number of framed, signed and numbered original film cells available soon exclusively through sohoprints.com.

“Soho believes that great art should be available to everyone,” said Sam Noyes from Soho Arts International. “We are honored to work with Don Oriolo and excited to help reintroduce the world to fun and antics of Felix the Cat.”

“Everywhere I go, people ask where they can purchase my Felix the Cat paintings,” said Don Oriolo. “With this partnership with Soho Prints, my art featuring Felix will brighten more halls, more homes and more lives than I could ever imagine.”

For more information or to purchase the Felix the Cat limited edition artworks, please visit sohoprints.com

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About Don Oriolo

A modern-day renaissance man, Don Oriolo serves as CEO of the Oriolo Felix the Cat Art Private Collection, the Oriolo Felix the Cat Guitar Company and runs several other businesses related to the universe of Felix the Cat including, his own brand of original fine artwork/paintings (limited editions), his own brand of a variety of Felix the Cat guitars, art books (original Felix the Cat fine artwork), his own record company and music publishing business as well as an animation and live action film, TV development & distribution company plus the advent of his new company Poindexter LLC starting a brand new character by the name of Poindexter, a futuristic character with an assured success whose unveiling will soon be announced. Oriolo considers himself the “keeper of the flame” of Felix the Cat since the Felix torch was passed on to him by his father, Joe Oriolo. For more information, please visit oriologuitars.com

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