Excel Software Adds Win 32/64 and Enhanced Mac OS X Software License Protection

QuickLicense 6 adds both 32 and 64-bit EXE and DLL runtimes on Windows and a fast, tiny Cocoa runtime on Mac. AddLicense generates protected apps as Mac, Win 32-bit, 64-bit or FAT 32/64-bit EXEs with added protection layers and embedded files.

Excel Software today shipped QuickLicense 6.0 to protect and license software using either a programming command call or the AddLicense wrapping tool. The AddLicense tool adds multiple protection layers and allows data files to be embeded within the executable. The protected application is compatible with third-party code signing tools.

The QuickLicense Windows edition has new API commands, interfaces and both 32 and 64-bit EXE and DLL runtimes. New sample code is included for Visual Basic, C#, C++, Objective-C, Delphi, REALbasic, Java and other programming languages. The AddLicense wrapping tool generates protected applications as 32-bit, 64-bit or FAT 32/64-bit EXEs that run on any 32 or 64-bit Windows XP, Vista or 7 computer at native speed.

The QuickLicense MacOSX edition has new AddLicense features, API commands and runtime interfaces. The Carbon runtime is backwards compatible with older Mac computers while the new Cocoa runtime is faster and 94% smaller.

New licensing features include the ability to change the expiration date of a timed license with a customer specific Expiration Code, timed licenses for days, hours or minutes, Unicode runtime support to handle human language customizations and a new License Meter feature to manage floating licenses for in-house purchased software.

Supported license types include Trial, Product, Try/Buy, Subscription, Floating and Dynamic licenses with a manual, semi-automated or fully automated activation process. Advanced features include custom activation, license release, license restore, license suspend, license reset, remote feature enable and other activation services. QuickLicense compatible products include Safe Activation, WebActivation, DocProtect, AirLicense, OfficeProtect, LicenseSupport and QuickLicense Server.

QuickLicense 6 is $595 for the Standard edition or $995 for the Pro edition on either Mac or Windows. The package includes an integrated help system, programming code examples, AddLicense wrapping tool, SendMessage testing tool, tutorials, step-by-step license setup instructions and a PDF or printed user guide. A QuickLicense purchase includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of products or licenses on that computer platform.