Excel Software Adds Integrated Order Processing with Safe Activation Service 3

Safe Activation Service 3 expands software activation services to integrated order processing, event driven actions, daily account backups, advanced licensing features, vendor branding and added customization features.

Excel Software announced Safe Activation Service 3 for software activation and licensing. The Safe Activation service launched in 2007 was later expanded with advanced license release, restore, suspend, reset and subscriptions features in 2009. Safe Activation Service 3 adds integrated order processing, event driven actions, daily account backups, additional licensing, vendor branding and customization features. The online service is used by software publishers to automate software protection, activation and license management.

Service 3 adds a modular order processing system to existing license management capabilities. A configurable order completion process can be integrated with any shopping cart or payment processing system. Serial numbers can be automatically assigned to purchased products and presented immediately to a customer by web page or customized email message. Vendors configure orderable items, associated serial numbers, allowed activations and customize the user experience.

Service 3 adds a basic built-in, configurable shopping cart that requires no programming. There is a simple setup and integration process for software publishers with a PayPal or Authorize.net merchant account. Any third-party payment processor or shopping cart can be securely integrated with Safe Activation.

Service 3 allows vendors to enable a customer login from their web site to check license status and order detail screens of purchased software. A sales representative login to a vendor account provides access to licensing data while restricting access to configuration changes.

Service 3 adds event driven customer emails, notifications and feature changes. This allows the software publisher to automatically notify customers with customized email or notification dialogs when subscription services or maintenance contacts are about to expire, have expired or have been renewed.

Service 3 provides daily backups of account data. Backup files can be remotely stored on the vendor web site for added security and redundancy. Other features include enhanced customization and vendor branding of all customer-facing web pages. Together, the Unicode enhanced web pages, data storage and license runtime software allow international language customization for data presented to or collected from customers.

Safe Activation is a monthly service starting at $20 with no setup, cancellation or upgrade fees. There are no per product or per license charges. It is a scaleable and cost-effective licensing solution used by both small startup companies and large established organizations worldwide. To save software publishers time and increase sales, Service 3 includes free access to around 30 instructional videos that demonstrate the setup process and customer experience for each aspect of the software protection, licensing, support, order processing and delivery system.

Safe Activation Service 1, 2 and 3 work with an integrated family of Mac and Windows software protection and licensing tools that includes QuickLicense, AppProtect, DocProtect, QuickLicense Server, WebActivation, LicenseSupport, AirLicense, OfficeProtect and ClickInstall. Excel Software offers free technical support, product information, white papers and videos to help software companies meet their license management needs.

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