Everything to Know About Green Hydrogen, According to the Experts

Experts are predicting that green hydrogen could be the way forward to a cleaner future - but what exactly is green hydrogen? It Matters To You, expert in car removal Melbourne-wide, weighs in.

It Matters To You

After studies revealed that carbon emissions could be drastically reduced if countries began utilising green hydrogen, experts started praising the benefits of green hydrogen and pushing for governments to incentivise it. But what exactly is green hydrogen and how can it lead to a more eco-friendly future for Australia? It Matters To You, leading provider of cash for cars Melbourne-wide, explains.

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that has been produced in a sustainable way. According to It Matters To You, hydrogen is extracted from water through electrolysis, then broken down into its individual components using an electrical current. This current can be powered using renewable energy sources, like wind or solar energy. Unlike the process of building a lithium-ion battery for an electric vehicle, this process doesn't emit any carbon emissions, so green hydrogen can be endlessly created without having a negative impact on the environment.

Eco experts are excited at the prospect of mass-produced green hydrogen as it can be utilised in a number of different ways - the most prominent being fuel. It Matters To You explains that while electric vehicles may be great for the environment once built, they produce a large amount of carbon emissions throughout the manufacturing process; experts reveal that it would take nine years of driving an electric car to offset the carbon emissions created during manufacturing. On the other hand, hydrogen fuel is sustainable to produce and can store massive amounts of energy over long periods of time. Green hydrogen fuel can be used for powering transportation, generating electricity and producing heat.

Recently, Queensland announced they would be the site of the first hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing plant in Australia. This will allow Australia to mass produce green hydrogen fuel and not only distribute it throughout Australia, but export it overseas. As the world moves away from coal power, green hydrogen production will likely create jobs and ultimately improve Australia's economy. It Matters To You is hopeful that green hydrogen is the key to a green future for Australia's automotive industry.

Source: It Matters To You