Everything to Know About FIFO Work, According to Experts

Providing an opportunity for job seekers to find work in rural or remote areas, without needing to relocate, FIFO ('Fly In Fly Out') work also helps employers meet their workforce demands, where local labour is not available.

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According to Techforce, a privately owned recruitment and workforce management company supplying qualified employees for a range of positions, including rigger jobs and mining chef jobs, FIFO is a popular working arrangement in the mining, construction, oil and gas industries. While FIFO can be a great opportunity offering many benefits, being away from home and family for long periods of time can impact an individual's lifestyle and isn't suited to everyone. Here, Techforce shares everything to know about the benefits and challenges of FIFO work.

FIFO workers are usually required to work long hours with very little downtime, explains Techforce. Common roster arrangements include seven days on followed by seven days off or 14 days on followed by 14 days off. The pay for FIFO work is usually significantly higher than average to make up for the inconvenience of being away from home and the long hours required. Each site will have different conditions, allowances, salaries, travel conditions and recreational facilities. As most FIFO sites are isolated, there may be little or no opportunity to go anywhere outside of the camp site.

Techforce points out some key benefits of FIFO work include the flexibility to work in different locations without the requirement to relocate permanently, the ability to keep work life and personal life completely separate, exposure to exciting industries and diverse people with endless career growth opportunities and the ability to relax and enjoy time with family and friends during days off. 

FIFO work is not without challenges and Techforce says workers can often feel isolated as they will likely miss out on many significant milestones and events back home due to the nature of living away. Being away for long periods of time can also put a strain on relationships. Additionally, the long rosters and hours can leave some feeling fatigued and burnt out.

Techforce says while FIFO work is not suited for everyone, it can be an extremely rewarding and worthwhile career choice for the right person. 

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Source: Techforce