Evergreen Consumer Brands Acquires EarthScents Natural Products Brand

Evergreen Consumer Brands (ECB) and EarthScents Natural Products announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement where ECB has purchased EarthScents.  EarthScents will retain its distinctive brand and focus on natural product offerings. 

“EarthScents has developed an intense following of fiercely loyal customers. The products are all natural, luxury products developed by owners who truly care about making a product that is environmentally responsible,” said Bruce Friedman, Co-CEO of Evergreen Consumer Brands. Friedman added, “We look forward to continuing the tradition of creating exceptional all natural product offerings and bringing them to a broader range of consumers.”

Creator and co-founder of EarthScents, Patricia Hess said, “ECB brings an exceptional level of scalability and distribution capability that had not been available to us as a small business.  What excites me the most is Evergreen’s commitment to EarthScents’ guiding tenet of ensuring the highest quality natural products are created while ensuring the brand reaches a larger consumer base.”

"What made the transaction especially appealing to Evergreen, beyond the transformative nature of EarthScents products, is that Patricia and Steve Hess will continue being brand managers of EarthScents and bring their passion and knowledge regarding natural and earth-friendly products to mass retail," said Steve Immel, Co-CEO of Evergreen Consumer Brands.

Steve Hess, also Co-founder of EarthScents, commented, “Evergreen offers the ability to develop and design line extensions and natural scent profiles of the EarthScents brand beyond the capabilities we had on our own.  ECB is well-known for their expertise in this space.  Patricia and I are confident that Evergreen’s executive team and manufacturing capabilities are exceptional, and ensure the brand will continue to thrive under the leadership of Evergreen Consumer Brands.”

Evergreen Consumer Brands

Evergreen Consumer Brands has over 30 years of experience in brand manufacturing and management.  Evergreen has a dual focus as a contract filler of liquids, lotions and gels, and also owns, develops, and manages its own brands and licenses including Lavoris, Spa Haus, Silkience, Silkience REDLINE, Inspire and Tame.

EarthScents Natural Products

EarthScents offers a family of cleaning products made from natural ingredients that are scented with essential oils.  Products include best-seller Terra Firma All Purpose Spray and sell to high-end regional grocery stores, primarily in southern California.  The products are known for their exceptional cleaning ability and are infused with natural essential oils. EarthScents delivers a luxury experience at an affordable price point.

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If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Bruce Friedman or Steve Immel, please contact Patricia Hess at Patricia@EarthScents.com

Contact: Patricia Hess
Tel: (818) 601-5161
Email: Patricia@EarthScents.com

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Evergreen Consumer Brands has over 30 years of experience in consumer product brand manufacturing and management.

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