Event and Entertainment Agencies Reopen Summer Season Through Newswire's Value Pack Guided Tour

The need for quality media production and event management is on the rise during the pandemic, and Newswire's VP GT can help agencies, studios, and producers effectively deliver their product to the market.

​Event and entertainment-based agencies looking to promote their products and services during the pandemic can now leverage the power of Newswire’s Value Pack Guided Tour (VP GT) to target new audiences, develop new customer relationships, and increase overall sales. The VP GT is a useful program for agencies and studios that need to efficiently distribute project announcements. The program provides production professionals with a comprehensive platform that can help them promote guest features, upcoming events, and new lines of service. 

While event and entertainment executives have definitely felt the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for online event management and production services are on the rise. Social distancing policies and similar restrictions have loosened across the country, and the need for professional management has surged as a result. 

“There are both online and in-person event services that have soared in popularity since the beginning of the crisis,” said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP Earned Media Advantage Business. “The same goes for entertainment - people are still looking to be active and social during times of social distancing, and they are looking for companies that are willing to deliver these kinds of services while abiding by social distancing guidelines as we try to enjoy the summer season.”

The role of strategic marketing and communications campaigns cannot be underestimated during a time like this when opportunities for business growth and customer base expansion are increasing in availability. Production studios and event management firms can use the VP GT to create content with unlimited words, images, and links to target businesses and individuals that are in need of their services.

“Businesses looking to set up online events, webinars, podcasts, and virtual conferences are a primary target for these kinds of agencies, as well as individuals looking to organize summer events during phase 2 of the reopening,” said Anthony Santiago, Newswire’s VP of Marketing. 

“The VP GT puts the producer or event manager in the driver’s seat. It lets them jumpstart their campaigns at significant cost-savings with our flat-fee structure. Newswire’s powerful targeting options help them increase their overall brand awareness.”

The Value Pack Guided Tour provides event and entertainment professionals with an essential platform for go-to-market strategies. Agencies can choose between five different distribution networks including Digital, Digital Plus, State, National, Global or Financial, which include distribution to Google News, Yahoo News and AP. With the opportunity to target industry outlets with relevant content and major announcements, event managers and production experts can continuously keep their target audiences well-informed. 

To find out how you can target your desired audiences with customized content and effective press release distribution campaigns, visit the VP GT page for more information.

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