Evans Chamberlain: May Travels to Berlin to Discuss Brexit

Evans Chamberlain: May to meet with Merkel in Berlin to discuss terms of Brexit while Germany more focused on Macron reforms.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will travel to Berlin to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a bid to defeat the stalemate in her attempts to secure a Brexit deal with the European Union.

German leaders say they are unsatisfied with Britain's lack of a clear strategy after the country departs from the European Union. Britain has yet to clarify what it wants in terms of a new customs regime and how it plans to adhere to the EU's regulations for goods and services after the split.

German leaders recently implored Britain to offer more solid plans for moving forward.

While UK officials are preoccupied with ongoing Brexit negotiations, Germany is more focused on their task of forming a new coalition government. Angela Merkel is battling to convince the Social Democrats to partner with her conservatives in a reformed coalition party.

German officials have stated that there is no concrete reason for Berlin to adjust its view on Brexit when the new coalition government comes into power.

Evans Chamberlain economists say that the future prospects of the euro zone and the governance reforms put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron are currently viewed as more important for Germany than issues surrounding Brexit negotiations. Theresa May will be one of many European officials seen by Chancellor Merkel this week.

Evans Chamberlain economists believe that if an agreement is not reached between German and British officials before the UK's official exit from the EU in March next year, there will be more severe consequences for the UK than for the rest of the EU.

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