Evans Chamberlain Asset Management - US Representatives Arrive in China to Negotiate Trade

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management - US officials to meet with Chinese representatives to address complaints against China's trade policies.

Earlier this week a team of American delegates arrived in China to begin trade negotiations that will focus on the contentious issue of tariffs and China’s media has stated that the country will not tolerate bullying from the United States preferring, instead, to reach an agreement through amicable negotiations.

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management analysts say it is unlikely a breakthrough agreement to essentially alter China’s economic policies will be reached during the 2-day visit by US delegates. However, a series of short-term proposals by China may go some way to dissuading the US from implementing tariffs on Chinese exports to the value of $50 billion.

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management analysts say the negotiations which will be led by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, will deal with a number of US grievances with Chinese trade practices.

When the US Treasury Secretary arrived, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted: “Our great financial team is in China trying to negotiate a level playing field on trade! I look forward to being with President Xi in the not too distant future. We will always have a good (great) relationship!”

Throughout the duration of his presidential election campaign, Donald Trump vowed to institute a 45 percent levy on all Chinese imports as a way of creating a level playing field for U.S. laborers.

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management analysts say the U.S. trade team will meet with Chinese representatives on both days of their 2-day trip and that U.S. ambassador Terry Branstad will also be present at the discussions.

Source: Evans Chamberlain Asset Management