eUKhost Launches Faster and Greener Range of Xeon E3 V5 Dedicated Servers

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Web host, eUKhost, announced today that it has launched a new range of Xeon E3 dedicated servers using the latest Intel v5 chips. More than 10% faster than the v3 version, the new servers offer clients greatly enhanced performance whilst, at the same time, their reduced power consumption gives them even greener credentials.

The significant enhancement in the E3’s speed comes from the v5’s superior chip design and its ability to support up to 64GB of high-performance DDR 4 memory – twice that of the v3. The increased power efficiency is due to a new 14nm (Skylake) fabrication process that provides improved thermal design. This has decreased the total amount of power the server needs to operate, making it a much eco-friendlier option.

Robert King, Director, eUKhost said, “Our new Intel Xeon E3s with the latest v5 chips offer our clients exceptional performance at affordable prices whilst also enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint.”
eUKhost’s new range of Xeon E3 v5 dedicated servers come with 100%, SLA-backed, guaranteed infrastructure uptime, 24x7 server management and support, Plesk or cPanel/WHM control panel and 1GB port speed. In addition, clients looking for even greater speed and improved efficiency can upgrade from HDD to SSD hard drives that are up to 10 times faster and use even less power.

The Xeon E3 v5 servers are available in three low-cost packages, starting at £69.99 per month for the Standard package and rising to £99.99 for the Enterprise package. They include free or basic monitoring, 10TB monthly bandwidth, optional Fortigate firewall and CPU speeds up to 3.6GHz (4.0GHz turbo).  All servers are available with a range Linux and Windows based operating systems.

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