Esteemed State Legislator Joins OneShare Health's Board of Directors

Senator Cecile Bledsoe of Arkansas Has Joined Forces with Texas-Based Christian Health Ministry to Bring Affordable Health Care to Those in Need

ACA-exempt Christian health share OneShare Health continues to bolster its Leadership Team by adding distinguished officials such as Senator Cecile Bledsoe to its Health Care Sharing Ministry roster.

Ranking first in seniority in the Senate while representing District 3, Senator Bledsoe of Rogers, Arkansas, was first elected to the legislature in 1998 and served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Prior to her senatorial tenure, she worked as a caseworker at the University of Arkansas Medical Center and later served as Vice President of a medical clinic for several years.

In 2008, she was elected to the Arkansas State Senate. Since then, she has served on the Health Reform Legislative Task Force and as Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Health, with the goal of making health care more accessible and affordable to her fellow constituents and across the United States.

Regarding her time as Chair of the Public Health Committee, Senator Bledsoe said the position continues to be under “tremendous pressure.”

“The field of medicine never stops changing and expanding,” said Senator Bledsoe, “which means there have been changes in hospital administration, the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and the obligations of insurance companies. All of those industries are influential, and as they grow, their influence in politics grows. As Chair of the Senate Public Health Committee, I have seen the great need for affordable health care, and OneShare Health has the right goals and motives to assist in finding solutions.”

Today, Senator Bledsoe serves as Senate co-chair of the Legislative Council and Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Insurance and Commerce. During her 17 years in the legislature, she has received numerous accolades including the "Legislator of the Year Award" by the Arkansas Medical Society, "Distinguished Legislator" by the Arkansas Municipal League, the Family Council Action Committee Statesman Award, and the Arkansas State Chamber’s Leadership Award.

In her new role as a board member of OneShare Health, Senator Bledsoe will serve on the Finance Committee.

“As health care costs continue to rise,” Senator Bledsoe explained, “and availability continues to diminish, I would like to be part of a team to discover solutions to this continuous problem. I believe in the product and Mission of OneShare. I appreciate that it is a Christian company with values that are consistent with my beliefs.”

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