eric Insurance Shares Tips for Riding a Motorcycle Safely in the Rain

While riding a motorcycle in the rain is not a pleasant experience, it is an unavoidable part of the riding life. However, by adopting a few simple measures motorcyclists can approach riding in unsettled conditions with confidence.

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As eric Insurance explains, the first step in ensuring that a motorcycle will behave as intended is to make sure it is regularly serviced, the chain is set to the correct tension and that the tyres and brake pads are in good condition. It is also important to check that all lights and indicators are working and are condensation free.

Another key factor in being a safer rider is adapting riding style depending on the weather conditions. In the rain, riders should take care to be smoother when applying the throttle or brakes, as sudden inputs can upset the balance of the bike, which could cause a loss of grip. To assist with this, many modern bikes fitted with traction control come with a 'Rain Mode', which is an excellent way of smoothing out the delivery of drive to the rear wheel.

eric Insurance is keen to emphasise that braking distances increase significantly in wet conditions, so riders should leave a larger than usual gap both in front of and behind them. It is also important to take corners at a slower pace in the wet and avoid using too low a gear when accelerating/decelerating as this makes the bike more susceptible to erratic throttle inputs.

When the road surface is wet, eric Insurance suggests that riders keep their eyes peeled for manhole covers, white lines, and fuel spillages as these hazards reduce road grip and can be harder to see in the rain.

When it comes to wet weather gear, eric Insurance says riders should consider investing in quality waterproof clothing as well as a quality helmet that is well vented and preferably has an anti-fog or anti-mist system.

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Source: eric Insurance