Equature's Interactive Policing® Body Worn Computer Camera Applications Voted Top Ten Most Promising Technology for Homeland Security by CIO Review Magazine

Interactive Policing® Body Worn Camera Computer Systems' Allow First Responders to Hear, See and Manage Emergencies in Real Time

Equature Interactive Public Safety Response Software

Equature’s Interactive Policing® Body Worn Camera Computers that Run on Android Phones Has Been Named One of the Top Ten Most Promising Technologies for Homeland Security Recently by CIO Review Magazine.

Interactive Policing® is designed for public safety professionals and integrates real-time body-worn camera computer video and audio communications to first responder command and control centers and LE leadership. Using ruggedized, FirstNet ready android phones linked to first responder management, Equature helps public safety organizations see and hear all citizen interactions and emergency preparedness situations live as they happen. With the capabilities to operate locally, regionally and nationally simultaneously, Interactive Policing can communicate with local, state and federal agencies all at the same time if emergencies warrant the need.

Interactive Policing’s® body worn android phone cameras are comfortable to wear, easy to use and inexpensive to purchase.

Joe Mosed, CEO and Founder of Equature said, “Being selected as one of the Top Ten Most Promising Technologies for Homeland Security by CIO Review Magazine is an honor and validates that our public safety software applications are a tactical fit for any city, state or federal agency seeking to increase emergency situational awareness and first responder safety".

For more information, please visit: www.Equature.com

About: Equature is an international software technology leader in helping public safety organizations increase operational efficiencies, accelerate first responder communication and improve citizen satisfaction and security.

Since 1969, Equature has worked in Interactive Emergency Response and currently has over 1,500 Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) and law enforcement agencies as clients as well as state and federal government agencies like NASA, Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.


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