Equation Technologies Now Offers Sage Live for Real-Time, Cloud-Based Accounting

Equation Technologies

​Equation Technologies, a leader in ERP software implementation and consultation, is pleased to now offer Sage Live as part of their services. Sage Live is a business management solution that integrates accounting and financial information in a single, real-time view through a Salesforce mobile app. Equation Technologies is proud to be one of the first business partners in San Diego to offer this new Software as a Service.

Sage Live will offer clients efficient, cost-effective management of their business by using a single, cloud-based platform, eliminating errors and the need to store and view information across multiple applications.

"Few other San Diego businesses are currently offering Sage Live as a service. If your business wants to get ahead of your competition, Sage Live can be the solution that puts you on top."

Erica Burles, President

·         Unifies data in a single hub

·         Simple financial reporting tools

·         Multi-country, multi-currency capabilities

·         Full integration with Salesforce platform

·         Instant access in real-time from any device

“All too often, we see our clients needing up-to-the-minute results for their accounting needs,” says Erica Burles, President. “It is imperative that they find the information they need, right when they need it, so that everyone is on the same page and working with the correct data. Sage Live makes this possible through a series of robust, always-connected features.”

Sage Live is natively integrated with the Salesforce app on Apple devices, which include smartphone, tablet, and Apple Watch. This allows users to automate repetitive actions, track expenses, and generate reports and scoreboards in real-time. When combined with the app integration capabilities of Salesforce, Sage Live ensures the most current information between a business’s front-end sales department and the back-end accounting team.

Sage Live takes advantage of the continued growth of today’s digital business opportunities—events that happen “in the moment,” such as social media and crowd-funding, that can connect a business directly with its customers. Sage Live allows small- to medium-sized businesses to benefit from these moments with a range of flexible features available at three different price points.

With Sage Live added to their services, Equation Technologies can better execute their primary goal: meeting and exceeding their clients’ goals for faster, smarter business management.

“Few other San Diego businesses are currently offering Sage Live as a service,” Erica says. “If your business wants to get ahead of your competition, Sage Live can be the solution that puts you on top.”

About Equation Technologies

Equation Technologies has been a leader in the implementation of ERP technology, systems integration and advanced custom development since 2001. Partnerships with proven technology leaders, including Sage Software, Salesforce.com and Amazon AWS allow Equation to help clients manage finances, projects, people, constituent relationships and assets.


Equation Technologies


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